Welcome to Kentucky Outback Woodworking, LLC

Welcome to Kentucky Outback Woodworking, LLC located near Owensboro, in the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky. We are an American company producing heirloom quality, solid wood furnishings from live-edge and reclaimed historic wood.

Our motto “No piece of wood left behind” rightly suggests that the natural and magnificent beauty in every piece of wood is something to behold and to be cherished. Our goal is using our artisans’ vision and skill to create artful and functional heirloom pieces of solid wood furnishings from an otherwise discarded waste stream.

There is no looking for the ‘perfect’ piece as we put a reclaimed log on the saw table and make the first cut. Each log has taken up to 100 years of wind, heat stress, cold trunk splitting snowy, icy blasts and even man’s intervention with a trim saw some 60 years ago to develop Only after opening the solid wood package, can we decide the next step. Our natural art completes the cycle from sapling, to stately tree, and finally to timeless heirloom furniture that can proudly be passed to future generations.

No Piece of Wood Left Behind

Even the sawdust and unused wood remnants are further processed into nutrient enriched compost. This compost is then spread back on local farm fields to complete the cycle of life by providing plant nourishment for locally grown corn and soybeans fields – thus leaving no piece of wood behind.

Be sure to return to our rapidly growing website often. We continue to add new and unique furnishings to our current stock of 300+ pieces, on a weekly basis. As we grow we will also be accepting special orders, crafted according to your own unique vision.

Please share any ideas thoughts or comments with us as we grow!