Ways to Use Live Edge Furniture in My House

With live edge items on the trend, you might wonder “Where could I use a live edge piece in my house?” While live edge furniture was once only considered in rustic decor, the trend has now become used in all types of decor from modern to eclectic. Whether you want a large statement piece, a functional contrast piece, or simply a piece of architectural wall art, live edge furniture will meet your need.


In The Dining Room

The photo below displays using an ornate live edge dining table as a contrast with contemporary blue chairs and accents. A large architectural piece with this much raw beauty is sure to be a topic of conversation with guests in your home.


A more sleek, yet unrefined live edge dining room table and bench gives the dining room below a more laid back to its otherwise formal feel. Your guests will feel right at home in your dining room with a live edge piece from KY Outdoor Woodworking.


If the rustic, or farmhouse design is your style, a live edge table with one or more benches will blend right in! Your live edge dining room table from KY Outdoor Woodworking will coordinate perfectly with any wood and rustic accents. Live edge benches can be customized to seat as a small family up to a large gathering.



In the Living Area

As a contrast to all the other streamlined pieces, a live edge coffee table spices up this modern living room.


A beautiful live edge coffee table from KY Outdoor Woodworking will even add a more comfortable, laid back feel to your contemporary living room.


At KY Outdoor Woodworking, we can find you a sleek, modern end table for your living room, or even a more dramatic statement piece as an accent table. We have over 400 pieces to suit your needs.



As an Accent in any Room

If adding just a small, more subtle live edge piece is more your taste, KY Outdoor Woodworking can do that too! From mirrors, to chandeliers, to serving trays and everything in between, we can turn your selected piece into an item you are sure to love. KY Outdoor Woodworking can also help you with your Christmas list to give someone you love a one-of-a-kind item!



With the growing trend of live edge pieces in the home, KY Outdoor Woodworking can help you select from our supply of over 400 live edge pieces and make your vision a reality! We have a wide selection of pieces listed in our Gallery and are available via phone, email, or social media if you have any questions or requests. Where will you put a piece of live edge furniture from KY Outdoor Woodworking in your home?