Rustic Maple End Table


This maple end table is a beautiful example of functional art. Proudly display and use this durable handcrafted maple piece in a place of pride. Could also be used as a stool.

  • Solid wood
  • Slightly darker center grain
  • Resin filled cracks
  • Live-edge
  • Brand # 071

As an American artisan craft piece, this live-edge maple end table showcases the unmatched craftsmanship and heirloom quality of all our pieces. Giving new life to wood that has been discarded is an environmentally conscious idea as well as a beautiful display of rustic beauty.

Each unique piece is branded to ensure you receive the specific item you have purchased and not a representative product.

Dimensions: 23.5 × 26.5 × 23.25 inWeight: 40 lbs SKU: 071 Categories: , Tags: , ,
made in the usa