Rustic Maple Coffee Table


Vibrant live-edge maple, slightly spalted, and glowing with the natural beauty of wood – this rustic reclaimed wood coffee table will make a bold statement in your home.

  • Solid maple
  • Unique shape
  • 3.5″ thick
  • Brand # 012

This live edge maple coffee table is a piece of functional art that truly displays the rustic beauty that can be found in nature. Crafted from a single large section of a maple trunk, it displays the twinning of the tree. As the twinned trees grew together above ground level, a natural arch was produced and used as the legs of this piece. Growth rings and hollows have been planed and flattened revealing prolonged spalting of the pith of the twinned tree.

Dimensions: 27 × 38 × 17.25 inWeight: 65 lbs SKU: 012 Category: Tags: , , , ,
made in the usa