Maple Hollow Trunk Mirror


Picture your home with this slice of hollow maple displayed for just the right amount of natural charm. Mirror glass has been custom fit to the void area in this live edge tree slice. Admire the reflection in the mirror as well as the slight spalting and multi-color grain of the wood. Special features of this maple tree slice include slight spalting, live edge bark, varied colors showing growth rings, and multiple burl inclusions. As it hangs on your wall it becomes functional art showcasing the natural history of the Western Kentucky area.

  • Live-edge maple
  • Hollow trunk
  • Custom fit mirror glass
  • 2.75″ thick
  • Brand # 035

To ensure longevity this piece has been kiln dried, coated in a proprietary stabilizer, and resin. As an American made craft piece, this floor feature showcases the unmatched craftsmanship and heirloom quality of all our pieces. Giving new life to wood that has been discarded is an environmentally conscious idea as well as a beautiful display of rustic beauty. At approximately 31″ L x 31″ W and 20 lbs., this piece is a solid example of the beauty in nature.

Each unique piece is branded to ensure your purchase the specific item and not a representative product.

Dimensions: 31 × 31 inWeight: 20 lbs SKU: 035 Categories: ,
made in the usa