Eco-friendly Process

In an effort to maintain an eco-friendly woodworking process, we at KY Outback Woodworking, LLC accept a wide variety of tree stock from local arborists, tree removal services, and from our local municipal landfills. Since every tree cannot be utilized as a workable select piece of solid wood stock, we grind and compost remnants so there is no waste.

Select logs are reviewed to decide which KY Outback Woodworking piece into which they will be transformed or be built to your specific taste. Our horizontal band-saw is capable of sawing logs up to 5 feet in diameter.

Woodworking Process

KY Outback Woodworking furnishings are treated with proprietary process before kiln drying to stabilize, preserve, and sterilize the wood which greatly reduces additional and continued checking, splitting, and cracking.

Kiln drying can take weeks, or even months, depending on the moisture and thickness or mass of the material. Additional processes after kiln drying are applied to further ensure heirloom quality for generations to come.

Select pieces of solid, live-edge wood are now ready for the artful and intricate hand work to transform them into various furnishings based on their individual character and the Artisan’s experienced eye.

Finishes KY Outback Woodworking chooses are either resin or four coats of urethane – applied to create heirloom quality furnishings meant to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Every KY Outback Woodworking piece is individually numbered with a heated branding iron to assure that the customer receives exactly the unique, one-of-a-kind piece they have chosen and not a representative product picture.