What is Live Edge Furniture?

Live edge is a style of furniture where the designer or craftsman incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. It often integrates recycled, gnarly wood and salvaged wood, that would be rejected for use in conventional woodworking. Generally, an artisan’s eye is required to transform the piece into an artful, useful piece of furniture. No reproductions exist as each log will reveal its unique characteristics to the project.

Special Challenges

There are special challenges involved in working with this type of wood, and several methods for live edge have developed. Some craftsmen leave the natural holes and cracks in the wood. However, other artists fill them with resins, small stones or broken glass chips. Care must be taken, however, when purchasing re-purposed wood furniture. The crafting process can vary. For a piece to become a lasting, heirloom quality piece, special procedures must be made on the part of the artisan crafting it. From the drying process at the beginning of preservation, to the chosen finish and sealing, only pieces crafted properly will stand the test of time. This is not a time to succumb to careless procedures.

The History of Live Edge Furniture

The father of modern live edge furniture, George Nakashima (cir.1940’s), claimed that his live edge design furniture was “not only a creative force, but a moral idea.” His style included mixing Japanese, American and International Modern styles. His pieces were created “using timber organically and deliberately chosen including boards with knots, burrs and figured grain.”

Modern Styles and The Trend

Modern examples of live edge furnishings are found in all styles of architecture and interior design. From rustic farmhouse to high end contemporary design, live edge is a lasting trend. Large corporate board room tables, rustic log cabins, modern farmhouses, and big city chic styles are all drawn to the live edge style. Modern interior designers use it as a feature piece rather than as a mere functional accessory. Beautiful pieces of wall art, mirror and picture frames will fill a bland wall with natural beauty.

Considering the versatility of the live edge style, it is no wonder that these furnishings have made it into diverse types of home décor. Popular examples to note are home decor shows on FYI and HGTV. Home decor guru from Fixer Upper, Joanna Gains, regularly incorporates live edge pieces into many of her projects.

Since the rules of home décor have transitioned from stuffy guidelines to a more relaxed attitude of combining various styles into a room, live-edge has found a permanent home in the world of interior design. KY Outback Woodworking, LLC is aware of this design trend. We have answered the call to create amazing pieces from both re-purposed live edge logs and reclaimed historical lumber to fill this need.

KY Outback Woodworking

From wall art to dining tables, our furniture fills a specific decorating need. There are also a few unexpectedly unique pieces, like our ‘Grandparent’ coffee tables. This unusual concept features pull out stools cut out of one a massive log. With this trend of popularity in mind, interior designers are welcome to peruse the 450+ live edge pieces crafted by our artisans. Made in the USA, our superior process ensures that your purchase becomes a worthy piece of heirloom art. Since there is no way to replicate these unique creations, each pieced is fire branded with its own individual number. Visit our page to choose your unique piece of natural history today.

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