Our Process For Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Welcome to KY Outback Woodworking, LLC ! This company brings to fruition the dream of a retired KY farmer – sharing the rustic beauty of nature through the use of reclaimed wood. This post serves to introduce you to how and why we do what we do. We accept our log stock from local tree removal companies and local municipal landfills. Our location is only a few miles from our local landfill and we charge no tipping fee. This encourages delivery of removed logs to our site. From this stockpile, our artisan craftsmen product heirloom quality reclaimed wood furniture – from wall art and mirrors to end tables, coffee tables and more.

Processing Reclaimed Wood For Furniture

We carefully follow a specific process when creating reclaimed wood tables and art. Although sawmills must maintain their product by managing their inventory to control wood boring insects and fungus and/or internal fungus growth, we take a more relaxed and creative approach. Allowing a controlled natural process results in spalting, which builds character into the each 3-4” slab transformed into a naturally beautiful piece of fine solid wood furniture.

Large slabs of cut logs are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain in their natural state. The natural drying process and even some kiln drying processes will result in the wood splitting and cracking as environmental changes occur. We artfully employ nature’s actions through a proprietary process before and after kiln drying to control additional splits and cracks and further to stabilize and sterilize the slab. This halts the effects of nature at just the right time to create a beautifully rustic look and ensures that the wood will retain its integrity for generations to come.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Comes to Life

At this point our artisans select which piece of heirloom reclaimed wood furniture this slab will be transformed into. Some will be large enough for solid wood dining tables or spectacular live-edge coffee tables. Some smaller pieces will become rustic wall hangings, end tables, mirrors or stools. There will be pieces that have cracks to be filled with glittering inlays of small river stones, granite chips or glass chips. Others will be the perfect cross section of the log from which it came. All pieces require extraordinarily skilled hand work. Our artisans sculpt and sand to a smooth finish and then apply multiple coats of either epoxy resin, polyurethane or spar urethane. The result is an heirloom quality piece of natural art each and every time.

All of our custom leg assemblies are fabricated in our shop as well – fitted to each unique piece. This is necessary because of the custom nature of our fine furnishings. These arched, bent and curled pieces of steel are precisely fitted, welded and painted to complete and compliment each piece.

After a final quality inspection, an individually numbered brand is burnt into the bottom or backside of each piece of heirloom quality Kentucky Outback Woodworking furniture. This ensures that our customers receive exactly the unique, quality piece(s) they have chosen and not a representative product.

One final step in completing the cycle it to process the waste which is transformed into nutrient enriched compost and spread on local crop fields – completing the cycle of “no piece of wood left behind”.