KY Outback Woodworking – AmericasMart Atlanta

americasmart atlanta

With the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of a new year, KY Outback Woodworking is embarking on an exciting adventure. Several of our artisan crafted live edge furnishing are n carefully packed and headed to Atlanta, GA for a show. The AmericasMart Atlanta show is “an icon of commerce” and connects buyers with top merchandise from around the world. It is truly a “dynamic market like no other”. Featured are multiple buildings, with several floors of display ‘rooms’, as well as seminars and other commerce friendly offerings.The fact that so many buyers come from across the USA and around the world to attend the AmericasMart Atlanta show, speaks volumes about the value of attendance..

So what is KY Outback Woodworking doing at a top show like this? We are proud to take this important step into the world of promoting our solid wood, live edge products. Simply put, we are so convinced of the unique characteristic and top quality of our artisan live edge furnishings that we want to share it with the world. All of our products are artisan crafted from reclaimed, local wood and made in America. We offer a full line of items from live edge wall mirrors to reclaimed, historic wood dining tables.

Our Display for the AmericasMart Atlanta
  • Due to space limitations we are featuring a sampling of our artisan crafted furniture.The items shown above, mounted on the walls, can be adapted for use as tables by adding a set of our custom legs in addition to being used for decorative wall art.
  • Shown in the foreground is one of our unique ‘Grandparent’ Coffee Tables. This particular piece, created from a single maple log, features four stools that can be tucked away when not in use. Other ‘Grandparent’ Coffee Tables are available with more or less stools, depending on your preference and the amount of space you have available. Some have natural hollows and can be covered with glass. Our one-of-a-kind ‘Grandparent’ Coffee Tables are available in a variety of tree species – maple, oak, and poplar.
  • Glass can be added to the live edge tables with natural hollows or created from solid pine stumps, to create unique end tables or coffee tables.
  • Each hanging mirror is fitted with a custom piece of mirror glass that makes it both beautiful and functional.
Numbered Brands for Each Unique Piece

Each item is a unique piece of art and is branded with an individual number. In this way you, our customers, are ensured of receiving exactly the piece you have purchased – not just a representative product. You really do “see what you get” in tangible terms.

Since our wood is reclaimed from various local sources our furnishings are an environmentally friendly way to add natural beauty to your home. The quality artisan craftsmanship ensures that your purchase will be enjoyed for generations to come. Each piece is created from locally sourced wood and made in America – right in our farm shop.

Show or Website Visits

Stop by and visit Rick and Denny in Building 1, Floor 8 in the temporary exhibits section. While hundreds of thousands of buyers peruse our offerings at the AmericasMart Atlanta show, we realize that not everyone can attend. We have created an online showroom for those of you who wish to see the hundreds of unique items we have in stock but are not in attendance at the show. Be sure to find us on social media as well. We would love to hear from you – comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Comment and let us know your vision. Which pieces grabs your attention? We would love to know.