How do I maintain the beauty of my live edge piece?

      Stunning Maple End Cut Table       


So you have picked out your one-of-a-kind, beautiful live edge piece from KY Outback Woodworking for your home. Now you are wondering “How do I keep my piece looking so beautiful?” “Are there certain things I should avoid?” Here are some tips to help keep your heirloom piece beautiful and lasting for many years!


  • Avoid using standard furniture polish, especially those that contain silicone. The chemicals can break down the finish and the wood itself over time.
  • Avoid getting your piece wet. Use coasters (our live edge coasters make a great addition!) for drinks and never use a wet cloth to clean your piece. Too much moisture can warp the wood and leave “rings” in the finish.
  • Even though these pieces came from nature, they are best kept indoors with a stable temperature. The rise and fall of temperatures from outdoors will deteriorate the piece much faster.
  • Frequently wipe your piece off with a dry or damp (if it can be wrung out, it’s too wet) microfiber cloth. To clean, you can mix vinegar and water or even just mild soapy water with the microfiber cloth. If dust gets built up, it can scratch or harm the finish.
  • Weekly or monthly use mineral oil or Murphy’s oil conservatively to help preserve and condition your live edge piece.
  • Always make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth as any leftover dirt or dust will scratch the finish.
  • If scratch is superficial, or on the surface, you can try fine steel wool. For pieces with a polyurethane (flat or matte) finish, you can also try applying furniture wax with a soft cloth and buff in the direction of the wood grain.
  • For deeper scratches, start with around 800 grit sandpaper (depending on depth of the scratch) and work down in grit. Make sure to sand with the wood grain. Clean and buff once finished.
  • In polyurethane (matte) or epoxy resin (shiny) finishes, you can also apply more finish to the scratched area if needed. Just be careful to get a smooth surface.





Hopefully these tips will help keep your live edge item from KY Outback Woodworking in pristine condition for many generations to come!