Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Looking for that unique furniture piece for your home, cabin or office? Kentucky Outback Woodworking maintains a large inventory of currently over 600 finished solid wood pieces – including both live edge and reclaimed historic wood pieces.

From live-edge mirrors to reclaimed wood dining tables and everything in between, all our rustic furniture pieces are produced with reclaimed or salvaged wood. Kentucky Outback Woodworking boasts the exclusive use of locally grown wood in the creation of our furniture that is manufactured exclusively in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Every slice of the reclamation process, unmasks the individual and natural beauty the tree has to offer, which allows our artisans to create a wide array of truly unique pieces. Our motto, “No piece of wood left behind”, truly represents our mission and cultivates our appreciation of the wonders nature gives us.

Browse our beautiful one-a-kind-pieces at our showroom located at 10124 Boone Street in Owensboro, Kentucky or check out our online gallery on our website or Facebook.

Call (270) 925-7022 for more information on any of our furniture pieces.

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